6 April 2016

Dublin Port welcomes International Navy Visitors/ April 2016

The Dublin Port skyline had some international guests last weekend with navy ships FGS Donau, FGS Dillingen, BNS Primula, HMS Ramsey, HNLMS Vlaardingen, HNOMS Otra berth-side from early Friday morning.


The navy ships were visiting from Germany, Belgium, Norway, The Netherlands and Great Britain. There were many colourful flags flying on board each vessel, as it’s customary to fly the flag of the country you are visiting as well as the boats country flag. 

Dublin Port Company’s Harbour Master Captain David Dignam greeted the group, and in keeping with tradition exchanged gifts. The group included the ships commanding officers Lt Commander Martin Dellin (FGS Donau), Lt Commander Jim Blythe (HMS Ramsey), Lt Commander David Decoster (BNS Primula), Lt Commander Wilco Faber (HNLMS Vlaardingen), Lt Commander Bjoern Tore Nygaard Vaagenes (HNOMS Otra) and Lt Marcus Fiene (FGS Dillingen).

Also attending the ceremony were Thomas Kluck (Counsellor/Deputy Head of Mission, Embassy of the Kingdom of The Netherlands), Lt (NS) Quigley and Lt (NSR) Durcan, who are both Liaison Officers for the task groups visit.

Our navy visitors generated lots of interest and a warm Dublin welcome from the public who wanted to view and take pictures of the ships.


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