Dublin SafePort 


Welcome to Dublin SafePort

Dublin SafePort is a new initiative established to enhance safety culture and practice for all workers in Dublin Port. 

Launched in 2022, the initiative is the result of extensive collaboration between Dublin Port Company and the seven unitised terminal operators at Dublin Port. The seven participating terminal operators are Dublin Ferryport Terminals, Doyle Shipping Group, Irish Ferries, P&O Ferries, Peel Ports Group (MTL), Seatruck Ferries and Stena Line. Together, they account for an estimated 75% of port workers on the estate.

The purpose of Dublin SafePort is to ensure Dublin Port is a safe port for all who work and visit. A port-wide safety culture is essential in a port as busy as Dublin.  

This port-wide initiative will see Dublin Port Company and the seven terminal operators increase their collaboration to align and standardise safety practices and procedures across the 261-hectare port estate.   

Under Dublin SafePort, safety awareness campaigns, training and initiatives will take place port-wide with the objective of enhancing port safety culture and practice for the long-term. 

Where appropriate, Dublin SafePort will also liaise with other relevant authorities, including An Garda Síochána, the Road Safety Authority, and the HSA. 


Dublin SafePort Logo

Dublin SafePort information, communications and materials will use the new Dublin SafePort logo. 

The Dublin SafePort logo is inspired by the Poolbeg Lighthouse, the original safety beacon for Dublin Port. For centuries, port workers and visitors alike have identified with this iconic landmark, and its distinctive features have been incorporated in a new logo with the following hallmarks: 

Red – the colour of safety warnings, and synonymous with the Poolbeg Lighthouse at Dublin Port 

Blue – the colour of safety information, and synonymous with Dublin Port and City  

Shield – providing protection from harm, and in the outline of a ship’s bow 

Waves – representing the waters of Dublin Port and Dublin Bay 

Rectangular Blocks – representing the land, synonymous with the shape of containers and trailers    

Light Beams – showing clear direction and guidance to safety