MP2 Project

Dublin Port Company (DPC) will shortly be bringing a planning application to An Bord Pleanála (ABP) for a new significant capital project in Dublin Port.

The proposed development is the second major capital project from the Dublin Port Masterplan and is identified as the MP2 Project. The MP2 Project is required to facilitate Dublin Port to maximise the efficient use of land adjacent to river berths and to facilitate the efficient operation of key aspects of port operations for Ro-Ro, Lo-Lo and passenger traffic.

The development will involve reconfiguring existing facilities to allow Dublin Port to meet the anticipated growth in passenger and mercantile trade in the period through to 2040. This will be done through ensuring the optimal use of land space allied to the provision of new river berths at the north-eastern part of the DPC Estate at Dublin Port. For more information click HERE.


Community Gain Initiative

Dublin Port Company (DPC) is exploring a suitable Community Gain initiative to advance in the context of the MP2 Capital Project.

In assessing different options available for such an initiative DPC has engaged with Dublin City Council’s Parks’ Department to gauge the potential for the development of a City Farm on DPC owned lands adjacent to the Port Estate. There is the potential to create a community-based initiative with a broad appeal among different groups and interests within the community closest to the development site.

In carrying out an initial assessment DPC has examined similar City Farm projects in the UK, focusing on the London area in particular where there are 16 City Farms within the Greater London area.
Dublin Port Company would welcome feedback on this community gain proposal so that the Urban Farm concept can be advanced in the context of the MP2 Capital Project planning application being made to An Bord Pleanala in October 2018. To submit your feedback please 7 or to learn more about the City Farm proposal please contact Charlie Murphy in Dublin Port Company –

To learn more view the full proposal:

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