Soundings, or water depth measurements, are represented by numbers on nautical charts. 

The latest multi beam survey charts are provided below for information and reference. Soundings are displayed in metres at chart datum, shoal biased; showing the highest sounding in the vicinity with the text on top of the shallowest point.

The survey information is only valid for the date of survey and should be treated in a similar manner to viewing the hard copy charts in VTS. Depths are constantly changing actual depths may increase or decrease due to capital or maintenance dredging, bed levelling, scour, siltation, casualty or obstruction. Smaller individual surveys are not published.

Mariners, Pilots; Pilot Exception Certificate (PEC) Holders are advised to consult Notice to Mariners where the latest information is available HERE



© Charts should not be copied or reproduced without the express permission of Dublin Port Company. The soundings are published for information only and should not be used for navigation.