Dublin Port Emergency Plan

Dublin Port Company has developed a number of detailed Port Emergency Plans that clearly sets out the emergency response in the unlikely event of a major incident occurring in the Port area. Dublin Port Company ensures as part of its normal procedures that each plan is reviewed and tested on a regular basis.

Details of Dublin Port Company’s three major Port Emergency Plans are available as listed below:

Dublin Port Emergency Plan Contact the Land Operations Manager @ 01-8876000 or by email at emergencyroom@dublinport.ie

Oil Pollution Response Plan : Contact the Harbour Master @ 01-8876000 or  by e-mail at info@dublinport.ie

Major Marine Incident Plan : Contact the Harbour Master @ 01-8876000 or by e-mail at info@dublinport.ie

The Dublin Port Emergency Plan can be downloaded as a PDF




It should be noted that while the DPC Emergency Plan (website version) is an unrestricted document, annexes to the plan are restricted for general security and confidentiality reasons.

Tenants, customers and emergency services can access a complete copy of the emergency plan by contacting the DPC Land Operations Manager on 01 8876000.


Dublin Port Bye Laws

Download the Dublin Port Bye Laws in PDF format by opening the links below.


Dublin Port Company Pilotage Bye-Laws December 2020 


Dublin Port Regulations Goods on Quays Bye-Laws


Dublin Port Company Petroleum Bye-Laws



Dublin Port Dangerous Goods Cargo (Class 1) Bye-laws (2015)


Dangerous Goods Bye-laws 2014


Dublin Port Company Bye-Laws (pilotage excepted) 2002