In February 2020 during the early stages of the Corona Virus pandemic Dublin Port Company (DPC) established the Covid-19 Planning and Preparedness Working Group (CPPWG) to develop, manage and implement the ports Response and Business Continuity Planning process. The response was designed to safeguard the health and well-being of all essential port workers and the various stakeholders during an incredibly challenging time to ensure critical supply chains were maintained.


The CPPWG working group has met twice weekly and follows and HSE advice at all times, including workplace protection and management, and has provided clear, unambiguous advice to all in our Covid-19 plans and policies. These have been communicated in weekly staff memos including advice on best practices for protecting employee health, increased availability of PPE, hand sanitizers, face coverings, and cleaning supplies that have been supported with increased cleaning regimes. In addition policy and procedures have been developed for staff contact logging, return to work and vulnerability questionnaires, resourcing provisions for working from home, implementing on-site isolation rooms, and providing support and updated training for our onsite first-aid responders.


All of the above are contained in the DPC Covid-19 Response Plan, which is a comprehensive planning document for those staff classified ‘essential workers’ due to the critical nature of their role in port operations and all other employees that can be facilitated and resourced to work from home.


As we progress through the Governments phased approach and ‘Return to Work’ protocols DPC has appointed a Lead Worker Representative to ensure employees and port stakeholders are fully informed and provided with every assistance possible. Additional policies include extensive workplace hygiene, social distancing, and signage strategy, and a new electronic visitor registration process, a health and safety induction and Visitor and Contractor Protocols that can be viewed below.


We look forward to welcoming you back to Dublin Port and for your ongoing support in keeping us safe.


The Dublin Port Company Covid-19 Planning & Preparedness Working Group