12 February 2021

Traffic Update | All Container Terminals Reopened

**UPDATEIssued at 10.00hrs, Monday 15th February 2021

Weather conditions improved over last night, Sunday 14th February with winds easing;

Container Terminals

LoLo container terminals experienced temporary suspension of operations due to high winds and health and safety concerns from Friday to Sunday.  These restrictions have been lifted with all terminals operating as normal with some delays this morning Monday 15th February there was some increased traffic which has now eased.  Please contact the individual terminals direct to establish their status.

Shipping Activity

There were restrictions applied to shipping activity over the weekend due to the bad weather and health and safety concerns, the backlog of shipping was cleared over last night and normal services have resumed.

Great South Wall & North Bull Wall Bridge

The Great South Wall and Bull Bridge have now reopened.


#DublinPort    #SafetyFirst



**UPDATE ISSUED as of 4.30 pm 12th Feb 2021

Due to the continued high wind speed, as a measure of health & safety DSG Container Terminal at Dublin Port will remain closed; 


  • Friday 12th February – 24 hrs
  • Saturday 13th February – 24 hrs
CLDN trailer traffic can still access the trailer yards through No.3 Branch Road as normal.


  • Sunday 13.00 – 21.00pm 
Hauliers asked to avail of Sunday opening hours for container collections to ease congestion in DSG Terminal Monday, February 15th. 

In case of emergency while traveling on any of the Dublin Port network routes – please remain with your vehicle and contact Harbour Police / Port Security: 01 8876858



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