17 May 2017

Dublin Port Completes Masterplan Review Public Consultation

Dublin Port Company (DPC) has published the report on the public consultation process for the first review of its Masterplan 2012-2040.  The public consultation process took place between late January and early March and will inform the revised Masterplan which will be published later in 2017.

 The consultation process involved extensive outreach to key stakeholders including local residents and political representatives, local businesses, community and environmental groups.  It included the publication of a detailed consultation paper, face-to-face briefings, a media information campaign, public information days, a social media campaign and a comprehensive environmental consultation process.

 In all, the consultation process secured 67 formal responses from a range of participants and the community briefings attracted over 130 people from Clontarf, East Wall and Ringsend.  All submissions and contributions are being considered in the finalisation of the review of the Masterplan.

 A number of common themes emerged during the consultation process, including general support for the Port and a welcome for the Masterplan and the review process.  There was also a welcome for the planned closer integration between Dublin Port and Dublin City, with a large number of respondents referencing a desire for greater public access to the port area and maximum possible public access to heritage assets within the Port Estate.

 Some concern was noted about the potential traffic and environmental impact of overlapping development proposals, particularly on the Poolbeg Peninsula and there was strong demand for investment to support significant levels of community regeneration.

 DPC will now undertake a number of environmental, cultural / leisure and transport studies and assessments arising from the process before finalising the review.  This includes a full Strategic Environmental Assessment and Appropriate Assessment.  It will also conduct formal meetings with a number of national and local stakeholders on specific topics that emerged.

 Commenting on the consultation process, Dublin Port Company Chief Executive Eamonn O’Reilly said, “The Masterplan is a living framework for the development of the Port and given our significant growth in recent years it is timely to review it.  Public consultation is a vital part of that exercise and we are energised by the interest expressed and contributions received both from our neighbours in the local community and the wider group of commercial, statutory and national stakeholders we engaged with.”

 “The revised Masterplan will take these views on board, with particular emphasis on ensuring the Port meets the demands the national economy has of it in the decades to come, enhanced Port-City integration, our role in preserving the ecological and amenity value of Dublin Bay and the part we will play in the further development of the Poolbeg Peninsula over the coming years”, he added.

You can find the full report on the Dublin Port Company Masterplan Review Consultation here.

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