13 December 2019

TRAFFIC UPDATE – Traffic Management Changes on Tolka Quay Road – December 2019

Due to on going construction works to improve the Dublin Port Road network, please be advised that the traffic route on Tolka Quay road will revert to its normal functionality on Friday 13th December 2019. 
To exit the Port on Tolka Quay Road – proceed on Tolka Quay heading in a westerly direction.  At the new roundabout at the junction of Tolka Quay Road and Bond Drive extension, exit the roundabout at the second exit onto Bond Drive Extension.  At the roundabout of Promenade road and Bond Drive Extension take the first exit onto Promenade Road.  

We appreciate all Port users cooperation and patience during this phase of construction of improving the road network.
Please see below map routes outlining the relevant traffic flows. 
















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