18 February 2022

The Buttonmen by Gary Brown

The Buttonmen is a tale of Dublin’s docklands written by native Dubliner Gary Brown.

It centres on two brothers Dessie and Gino Dunne ,both dockers. Dessie the older brother is a Buttonman. The “Button” gives Dessie privileges and status over other dockers. Dessie loves the docks and the life of a docker. He connects with the  history, customs and traditions of the place. Gino the younger brother on the other hand is a non “Buttonman”. He has no real love for the life of a docker and rails against what he sees as  a degrading and uncertain way to earn a living. Set in the early 1970’s change is coming to the docks of Dublin and lurking beneath the story of these two brothers is a dark underbelly of jealousy and addiction. As they talk and sing about their life on the docks of Dublin fear and danger are never far away.

 The Buttonmen contains new songs written by Gary Brown and internationally acclaimed singer songwriter Damien Dempsey. The play stars Gary Cooke as Dessie and Andrew Murray as Gino.

The play takes place on the below date at the Viking Theatre:


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