12 February 2021


Public Notice from Dublin Port Company


**UPDATEIssued at 10.00hrs, Monday 15th February 2021

Great South Wall & North Bull Wall Bridge

Weather conditions improved over last night, Sunday 14th February with winds easing.  As a result the Great South Wall and Bull Bridge have reopened.

Shipping Activity

There were restrictions applied to shipping activity over the weekend due to the bad weather and health and safety concerns, the backlog of shipping was cleared over last night and normal services have resumed.

Container Terminals

LoLo container terminals also experienced temporary suspension of operations due to high winds from Friday to Sunday.  These restrictions have been lifted with all terminals operating as normal with some delays this morning Monday 15th February.  Please contact the individual terminals direct to establish their status.

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The latest Met Eireann forecasts show that wind is forecast to veer South Easterly to Southerly and increase on Saturday 13th and Sunday 14th February.  

Moderation is not forecast until the morning of Monday 15th February.

Due to strong gale winds, together with marine warnings, small craft warnings and spring tides with a high tide advisory, it is necessary for Dublin Port Company to temporarily close public access to the Great South Wall and the North Bull Wall Bridge from the following times:


Great South Wall

Friday 12th February – 24 hour Closure

Saturday 13th February – 24 hour Closure

Sunday 14th February – 24 hour Closure

Monday 15th February – 00.01hrs to 16.00hrs


North Bull Wall Bridge

Saturday 13th February – 11.00hrs to 14.00hrs

Saturday 13th  February – 23.30hrs to 02.30hrs

Sunday 14th February – 11.30hrs to 14.30hrs


The Great South Wall closure is due to tide height and dangerous winds on the exposed wall surface. The Bull Bridge closure is due to tide height.

Delays to some shipping activity and pilotage services is likely, including possible delays at the port’s LOLO container terminals, i.e. where containers are loaded and unloaded by crane. Please contact the individual terminals direct to establish their status.

Dublin Port Company will continue to monitor the situation and provide relevant updates via our website www.dublinport.ie and social media channels.


Issued at 13.30hrs, Thursday 12th February 2021


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