10 June 2021

Reminder to Port Communities to participate in Post-2040 Dialogue | June 30th is deadline for submissions

Dublin Port Company (DPC) has today reminded members of the public, including people living and working in the port’s communities, that the closing date for submissions to its Post 2040 Dialogue is approaching.



With a closing date of 30th June 2021, there are just over two weeks remaining for people to get in touch with their viewpoints as DPC continues to plan for the future once the port’s maximum throughput is reached between 2030 and 2040.

In March this year, DPC announced that additional port capacity will be needed elsewhere on the east coast of Ireland to cater for the growth which Dublin Port will not be able to accommodate once this maximum point has been reached.

DPC recognises that alternative viewpoints exist in relation to this and has invited interested individuals, organisations, and communities to respond in writing by the end of June 2021 to post2040@dublinport.ie. Hard copies of the dialogue papers are still available on request.

Anyone can be part of the port’s Post 2040 Dialogue, including those with an interest in the long-term development of Dublin Port and Dublin City. DPC will publish any alternative ideas or viewpoints for everyone to read alongside its own analysis on the Dialogue website at dublinportpost2040dialogue.ie

By requesting and publishing alternative detailed views on how Dublin Port should be developed, DPC will be obliged to take account of these arguments in environmental assessments of any future projects the company brings forward for planning.



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