23 October 2023

Irish Port Safety Week Gets Underway at Dublin Port

Continued Focus on Road Safety with Two Days of RSA Shuttle Bus

Dublin Port Company (DPC) proudly kicked off the third annual Irish Port Safety Week at its Substation today. DPC has joined the other Port Authorities of Ireland to host and promote the initiative, which runs from October 23rd to 27th. 


Port Safety Week allows the Port Authorities of Ireland to work collaboratively through the Irish Port Safety Forum to highlight a collective awareness of and responsibility for health and safety. A calendar of events throughout the week allows port users to enhance their safety knowledge at Dublin Port.  


The Road Safety Authority Shuttle Bus will be at Dublin Port on Tuesday and Wednesday. The Shuttle Bus is a highly popular tool that brings road safety education to life in an engaging, interactive and memorable way.  Members of the public, as well as port workers, can test and improve their skills in simulated adverse driving conditions. This continued focus on road safety follows on from Dublin Port’s SafePort initiative, which last year reduced speed limits across the seven unitised terminals from 40 km/h to 20 km/h to highlight the importance of road safety in and around the busy port. 


Other highlights throughout the week include: 


  • 150 children from local schools take part in a colouring competition at Dublin Port’s Heritage Zone. 
  • Doyle Shipping Group’s state-of-the-art tug master vehicle will offer demonstrations for port operators to see the future of freight. 
  • Take a break and focus on mental health with free lunchtime yoga sessions. 
  • Witness a staged emergency scenario as the Irish Coastguard calls in DPC’s pilot and tug boats for a water rescue at the Poolbeg Yacht Club. 


The dates for Irish Port Safety Week were chosen to follow European Safety Week. All ports nationally have been invited to participate in the national safety week with different collaborative events taking place at each port daily. 


The themes of the Irish Port Safety Week include the Awareness of Port Golden Rules, Class 3 PPE, Emergency Response, Traffic Management, Employee Wellness, Water Safety and Safe and Healthy Work in the Digital Age, which is the overall theme of European Safety Week.  


Following the formation of Dublin SafePort in 2022, Dublin Port – Ireland’s largest port – have taken giants strides to enhance safety. They recently introduced their ’10 Golden Rules’ to follow on from several measures including changing the speed limits throughout its north port road network from 50km/h to 40km/h.  


Dublin Port is delighted to have the assistance and support of the Road Safety Authority, An Garda Síochána, Dublin Fire Brigade, the Irish Coast Guard, the RNLI and other services who interact frequently across the port area.  


Dublin Fire Brigade are onsite at Dublin Port Friday, October 27th as part of an emergency scenario at the R&H Hall on the Port estate. In collaboration with Dublin Port Company and the staff at the R&H Hall, Dublin Fire Brigade responds to an onsite explosion with two missing persons reported. This scenario showcases the highest standards in health and safety practice that are central to all Dublin Port. 


Michael McKenna, Dublin Port Harbourmaster, said: “We are very proud to see the bumper calendar of events at Dublin Port and throughout the ports of Ireland for Port Safety Week. Thanks to the support of our great partners, which include the HSA, Dublin Fire Brigade, the RSA and an Garda Síochána, the entire community of workers at Dublin Port can partake in a range of vital events to raise awareness of Health and Safety around the Port. Attendees of our many events will come away with a reinforced awareness of the SafePort Golden Rules, key emergency response strategies and the wider role everyone has to play in maintaining a safe and welcoming work environment at the Port.” 


Assistant Chief Fire Officer Michael O’Reilly, Dublin Fire Brigade, said “Collaboration is at the heart of everything we do with Dublin Port. As you can see from the numerous safety exercises and events held at the Port throughout Irish Port Safety Week, Dublin Fire Brigade stands committed to working closely with Dublin Port to enhance safety standards and promote a secure environment for everyone involved.” 

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