24 January 2024

Further UK Import Controls Go Live on 31st January 2024 

The UK Government is introducing new customs controls on imports from 31 January 2024. These changes will affect HGV drivers transporting goods to Great Britain (GB) or via the land bridge.


From 00:01 on 31 January,  in line with new UK rules, shipping companies will not allow GB-bound HGVs and/or goods to check-in unless customs documents are in order. Hauliers transporting GB-bound goods should not arrive at Dublin Port without a valid UK Customs Goods Movement Reference (GMR) number. There is still time for exporters and hauliers to prepare for these new UK customs arrangements.

In advance of 31st January, HGV Drivers should prepare by:

1. Familiarise yourself with the new UK Customs and SPS requirements. 

2. Engage with everyone in your supply chain including your customers/importers in Great Britain and your transport and logistics providers to make sure they are aware of the new roles and responsibilities.

3. Make sure your GB importer or agent is registered with the UK Customs Declarations System – this can take time so needs to be done in advance.

4. Engage with your local competent authority supervisory team responsible for your food business – whether that be the Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine , Health Service Executive , Sea Fisheries Protection Agency or local authority veterinary service to confirm whether export certification to GB is required and to agree how this certification can be provided to your business.

5. Talk to your haulier, transport or logistics agent to make sure they are aware of the new rules and responsibilities.


Further information on these new customs controls is available at www.gov.ie/brexit.


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