25 May 2017

Dublin Port’s Health & Wellbeing Week/ May 2017

Little changes can have a huge impact! Dublin Port were delighted to celebrate ‘Health & Well-Being Week’ for 2017, which encourages employees to make positive changes to their physical and mental health and wellbeing.


The initiative was organised around Ireland’s third ‘National Workplace Wellbeing Day’, which encourages companies across the country to improve employee health by promoting better nutrition and encouraging physical activity. Dublin Port were delighted to show our colleagues how small changes can have fantastic physical, mental and emotional impacts and can make significant positive changes to the working day!


Bernadette Brazil, our EHS & Risk Manager organised some amazing talks, activities and nutrition initiatives to get our staff feeling brighter and lighter!


Our canteen facilitated healthier options, while everyone was encouraged to take up the pedometer challenge, lunchtime mile walk and even indoor soccer. Our series of lunchtime talks included advice on mental health awareness, mindfulness and tips for adopting a positive lifestyle.


It is hoped that the week-long initiative will have a significant impact on our staff health and wellbeing and that the tips and advice learned will resonate throughout the year!


Well done to all who took part, we hope you feel refreshed, revived and restored!


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