4 March 2024

Dublin Port Launch Speed Awareness Campaign 4th-8th March 2024

Dublin Port Company has today announced its Road Safety campaign that will run from 4th March – 8th March 2024. Dublin Port Company is joined by An Garda Síochána and the seven Terminal Operators to bring awareness to speed and road safety at Dublin Port. 

This initiative brings awareness to safe driving practices along with educating road users in Dublin Port of the speed limits in the various operational areas and within the internal road network. and Safeport Golden Rules.

In conjunction with the Dublin SafePort initiative, the founding partners; Dublin Ferryport Terminals, Doyle Shipping Group, Dublin Port Company, Irish Ferries, Peel Ports, Seatruck Ferries, Stena Line and P&O Ferries and An Garda Síochána will be on hand to educate Port road users of the SafePort Golden Rules to ensure the Port stays a safe place to drive, work and travel. 

The SafePort 10 Golden Rules were crafted by the Dublin SafePort working group, consisting of representatives from various segments of the port community. These rules encompass a wide spectrum of port activities, ensuring that every facet of the port ecosystem is safeguarded. 

The Dublin SafePort initiative focuses on roads and terminal speed limit safety which changed in 2022. As a part of this campaign, Dublin Port Company wants to remind all road users in the Port of the speed limits throughout its North Port Road Network.  Reminding road users travelling through the Port that the Common User Area is 20km/h and the North Port Estate is 40km/h.

Keep an eye on Dublin Port Company’s social media throughout the week for updates on this campaign.


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