2 August 2016

Dublin Port lodges submission

Dublin Port lodges submission regarding proposed Poolbeg West SDZ Planning Scheme

Dublin Port Company (DPC) has lodged its submission to Dublin City Council regarding the proposed Poolbeg West SDZ Planning Scheme.

The submission sets out DPC’s views regarding how the draft Planning Scheme can best achieve the objectives set out in the Order establishing the SDZ and how the DPC lands within the SDZ can be developed for port activities and other appropriate uses.

DPC owns half of the lands within the SDZ and also large land areas on the Poolbeg Peninsula outside of the SDZ. The SDZ Order explicitly references DPC’s Masterplan and the permitted land uses for the SDZ lands include port related activities and transport infrastructure.

Dublin Port is committed to the proper planning and sustainable development of the Poolbeg Peninsula to achieve the correct balance between port and infrastructure development on the one hand and residential and commercial development on the other while also preserving and enhancing the public realm and access through the peninsula to the River Liffey and Dublin Bay.

For reference:

Charlie Murphy, Dublin Port Company, 087 679 0414

Karen Jones, Gibney Communications, 01 661 0402 / 086 866 4501

You can view the submission here

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