8 September 2023

Dublin Festival of History: Ports and Cities: Love and Hate on the Quayside


Location: The Substation – Dublin Port Company, Port Centre, Alexandra Road, Dublin 1
Date: Friday
06 October 2023 1pm IST


Dublin Port is delighted to host a lecture by PhD José M. Pagés Sánchez, Director of Agenda AIVP 2030. Delve into the intricate relationship between port cities in Europe. Throughout history, this dynamic connection has responded to socioeconomic shifts and challenges. The transformation of waterfronts reflects the delicate balance between segregation and integration. Explore sustainable approaches addressing issues like touristification’s impact, cruise ships, public spaces, green infrastructure, circular economies, mobility, and heritage sites. Discover the significance of climate change, environment, memory, and identity. Unveil the layers of this compelling relationship shaping cities and ports.


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