Dublin Port Company (DPC) has introduced a new mandatory Health & Safety and security requirement called the Dublin Port Safe Pass

It comes into effect from 12.00pm on Monday 17th August 2020 and is required by all port employees, tenants, contractors and visitors who require access to the Common User Area’s in Dublin Port (see map), after which time Port Users must have successfully completed a two-step induction and access control process:

Step One

Successfully complete a Dublin Port Safe Pass Induction course

Step Two

Apply for an Access Control Card

The Dublin Port Safe Pass (DPSP) induction courses have been designed as part of Dublin Port Company’s commitment to safety. A registration period commences from 12.00pm on Monday 29th June 2020. Port Users are required to complete the relevant Dublin Port Safe Pass training module to access areas within Dublin Port designated as restricted. On successful completion of the Dublin Port Safe Pass you will be eligible to apply for a Dublin Port Access Control Card. This card will enable you access to the areas you have completed the induction for.

Existing Access Control Card Holders: Do not need to complete Step Two and will have their access updated automatically for the applicable area following successful completion of the online induction.

There is no cost to complete the two-step safety and security process; however a charge of €20 will be applied for replacement access control cards. This applies to the period 2020/2021.



Step One: Dublin Port Safe Pass Induction

The Dublin Port Safe induction course is hosted by GoContractor and will take approximately 30 minutes to complete:

  • CLICK REGISTER NOW – Button Below
  • COMPLETE the registration process – Name, Email, Phone, Password
  • SELECT the area in Dublin Port you need to access
  • VERIFY your identity with a photo capture – from a camera enabled device e.g. webcam, laptop, smart phone, tablet
  • WATCH the induction video – learn about the environmental health, safety and security risks and requirements
  • ANSWER  multiple-choice questions – some of which are mandatory to pass. 
  • ACHIEVE a minimum score of 80% to pass
  • PROCEED to Step Two and apply for a new access control card 

All Port Users are required to re-take the Dublin Port Safe Pass Induction every four years.  This is a mandatory requirement to ensure that port safety training standards remain consistent and up to date across all access card holders.

Internet Explorer is not supported on GoContractor. Google Chrome, Firefox and Microsoft Edge are all supported, as well as all mobile browsers.



Step Two: Access Control Card Application

On successful completion of Step One, Port Users are eligible to apply for an Access Control Card.

Existing Card Holders: Access will be updated automatically for the applicable area within 7 working days of passing the induction.

New Card Applicants: Apply for a Control Card for the area you need to access (see map):

  • CLICK APPLY NOW – Button Below
  • SELECT the area in Dublin Port you need to access*
  • COMPLETE the access control card application form
  • UPLOAD a digital photo following the photo guidelines
  • SUBMIT application – You will be notified by email when your card is ready, within 7 working days
  • COLLECT your access control card from the relevant company* by presenting valid photographic ID in the form of a valid Passport or Irish/EU Drivers Licence

*Please Note:

Dublin Port Company (DPC) manage access for: No. 1 & 2 Branch Road South and the South Port Common User Area

Doyle Shipping Group (DSG) manage access for: No. 3 & 4 Branch Road South – Alexandra Quay Container Terminal