We are committed to the Environment and the Wildlife around the port.

Dublin Port Company’s Environmental Policy

Dublin Port Company’s Environmental Management System (EMS) commenced in 2006 with a number of projects to ensure that activities within the Company’s operation are conducted in an environmental way. The success of the EMS enabled Dublin Port Company to achieve ISO 14001 certification in 2008.

“It is our policy to manage our obligations to the environment in a responsible manner and to take a sustainable approach to developing the port’s business”

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Dublin Port Company’s continued commitment to the Environment

The Company’s EMS and environmental practices are independently audited on a six month basis by Certification Europe in order that Dublin Port Company can maintain its ISO 14001 certification.



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Dublin Port Company Awarded Ecoports Certification

Dublin Port Company has also achieved the Ports Environmental Review System (PERS) certification from Ecoports, a network of ports and port related stakeholders sharing environmental experiences. PERS is based on internationally recognised professional best practice and defines a basic standard of good environmental practice for the port sector.

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Our commitment to the environment includes dealing with problems from the past. In order to combat this we are planning a major project to redevelop Alexandra Basin West. Part of this project will remediate contamination of the basin from a variety of historical sources including shipbuilding and repair. We have invested in an extension of the Port’s rail network by a further 1.6 km rail track into the container and bulk storage areas of Alexandra Quay East. This will promote an increased level of environmentally intermodal transport options. This investment further enhanced the Port’s direct rail interconnection and provides yet more business opportunities for our Port users.

Photo credit:  John Fox,  Photographer

Our concern for the environment extends into the natural environment where we are supporting a major initiative by BirdWatch Ireland to carry out a multi-annual water bird research and monitoring programme.

Dublin Port remains a centre for nature, heritage and conservation. The Port is adjacent to areas of high conservation value and amenity and has facilitated the creation of habitats, which are important, not just in an Irish sense but across Europe. In addition some of the structures developed in the Port have provided refuge and breeding grounds for protected species. A vibrant and successful port in Dublin has co-existed beneficially with a dynamic, developing and scarce natural habitat. It is the intention of Dublin Port Company to maintain Dublin Port as a centre for commerce within a centre for nature.

Dublin Bay is among the top-ten most important wetlands in Ireland for migratory wintering waterbirds and we have launched the Dublin Bay Birds project that is beginning to increase greatly the understanding of the habitats within the Bay and the movements of birds in the Bay throughout the year. Highlights of the project work include;

Catching and ringing of 118 Oystercatchers, Commencement of bi-monthly waterbird counts of the entire Dublin Bay area.