Corporate Social Responsibility

Dublin Port Company recognises its role in the local communities with which it has strong connections over past generations and the CSR programme comprises three elements of support for these local communities ­ education, community events and sports.

CSR has a central and important place at the heart of Dublin Port Company’s Strategic Plan where CSR is defined as the commitment of the Port to contribute to sustainable economic development ­ working with employees, the local community and society at large to improve the quality of life, in ways that are both good for the business of the Port and good for Dublin City, its citizens and visitors.

In particular, we recognise our role in the local communities with which we have strong connections over past generations and our CSR programme comprises three elements of support for these local communities:

  • Education as a means to improve the economic wellbeing of local people through to the generation of employment opportunities in the local economy;
  • Community events;
  • Sports in local communities and in Dublin Bay.

We have established our Advisory Group (with membership from both the Board and the Executive) and the Board approved terms of reference for the group. As part of this approval, we also set a target for our cash contribution to CSR activities of 1.0% of pre-tax profits.

In September 2015. Dublin Port Company was awarded with Excellence in the Community, for the sponsorship of the National College of Ireland ­ Early Learning Initiative. The Early Learning Initiative¹s mission, is to address the educational disadvantaged, through the provision of an integrated programme for children, their parents/families, and educators from the early years up to third-level.

Through our CSR strategy, Dublin Port Company continues to build on the strong and historic relationship’s it has with the city and its local communities.



Dublin Port Company, in conjunction with the Dublin Port Community Liaison Committee, has initiated a scholarship programme to provide opportunities for individuals living in the Port area of Dublin, to fulfil their potential through education.

Candidates for Scholarships:

  • Individuals living in the Port area of Dublin for a minimum of 5 years.
  • Individuals who would experience significant financial difficulty in undertaking a third-level course of study.
  • Candidates for the scholarship will include school leavers, mature students and individuals wishing to pursue third-level foundation courses as well as repeat Leaving Certificate students.
  • The scholarship programme does not include postgraduates.


Selection Criteria:

  • Strong and focused ability and potential
  • Significant obstacles to progression
  • Strong motivation and commitment to pursue education


Selection Process:

Applications will be assessed by an independent panel. Short listed candidates will be interviewed by the selection panel.

Once the candidate beings the process the programme is available without break.


Applications forms are available from the following:


East Wall:                                                       

  • Community Centre Credit Union                    
  • St. Joseph’s National School
  • Youth Club
  • Marino College

North Wall/Sheriff Street: 

  • Credit Union

Pearse Street:                                               

  • St. Andrew’s Resource Centre                         
  • Westland Row Secondary School                   
  • Pearse Street                                                       


  • Bath Avenue Credit Union
  • Community Centre Credit Union
  • Ringsend/Irishtown Credit Union
  • Ringsend Library
  • Ringsend Technical College

Applications forms are available to download HERE:

Download the Dublin Port Company Scholarship Programme Information Sheet 

Download the Dublin Port Company Scholarship Programme Criteria

Download the Dublin Port Company Scholarship Programme Application Form


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