Always Think Road Safety In Dublin Port

Dublin Port Company has launched a new road safety campaign to help promote safe practices when driving within Dublin Port. Dublin Port’s campaign is aimed at the growing number of road users within the Port and encourages anyone traveling within Dublin Port’s road network to help keep it a safe place to work and travel.

Always Follow the Rules of the Road

Take the time to remind yourself and others of the following road safety precautions. They could save your life.

  1. Wear a seatbelt

  2. Drive on the left side

  3. Adhere to the speed limit

  4. Respect the right of way

  5. Never overtake moving vehicles

  6. Do not look at your phone

  7. Never ever drink or take drugs and drive

  8. If you feel tired, take a break



The Dublin Port Common User Area (CUA) is a safe working area that requires everyone who drives to follow the rules, especially the 20Km/h speed limit. This includes all port users driving motorcycles, scooters, private vehicles, taxi’s, coaches, couriers, HGV’s and all types of heavy machinery and port vehicles.


What happens if you speed in the CUA?

What happens if you speed? – All drivers detected exceeding the 20Km/h speed limit in the Common User Area by Harbour Police or Port Security will be stopped and issued a speed enforcement notice. This could result in a verbal or written warning or the drivers Dublin Port Pass (DPP) being withdrawn for a period of 7 days or longer. Please be advised No Dublin Port Pass will mean no access to the Dublin Port Common User Area.


Let’s keep Dublin Port a safe place to work and travel. You can find some useful resources below.