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This Year Tourists will travel to Dublin to begin their cruise

Dublin Port Company secures a record 83 Cruise Ships for Dublin in 2009

Dublin Port Company has secured a record number of 83 cruise ships to visit Dublin Port this year. The arrival of these ships will generate a major boost of between €35 million and €55 million for the local economy, as the 83 cruise ships carrying in excess of 75,000 passengers and crew visit the capital this year.

The first grand liner, the “Grand Princess”, arrived at Dublin Port on Tuesday April 21st, and is one of the largest and most expensive ships ever built, costing over $450 million to construct. The impressive 951 foot-long ship is the same length as six Olympic swimming pools and at 201ft it is 50ft taller than the Statue of Liberty. Its palatial interior accommodates 2,600 guests who will disembark to visit and spend in our capital city.  Each visit of one of these Grand Liners contributes up to €2m to the local economy.

This year also sees further advancement of Dublin Port Company’s work to develop the cruise sector with Dublin Port playing the role of a ‘Home Port’, making it the starting point of a cruise voyage.  Tourists from all over the world will travel to Dublin to begin their cruise.  On the 23rd May, the Tahitian Princess will arrive at Dublin Port to welcome over 700 guests on-board and depart on the 25th May for its cruise of Scandinavia and Russia.  This will give a further boost to the local economy as the passengers will stay over night in hotels and dine at restaurants as they prepare to board their cruise.  

These exciting additions to Dublin Port’s cruise schedule demonstrate Dublin Company’s commitment to driving the real economy and supporting real jobs and making a significant contribution to the city’s retailers and other businesses.

Mr. Michael Sheary, Chief Financial Officer, Dublin Port Company said, "Dublin Port Company has spent a great deal of time and effort to make Dublin Port an attractive destination for cruise ships and the developing their valuable trade further for the benefit of the city. Our location, in the heart of Dublin city, is ideal for tourists to venture into our capital.  We are bringing an important industry to the city which this year alone will benefit this city’s economy by between €35 million to €55 million. It is also an exciting time for us as we prepare to be the starting point for a cruise liner voyage. Dublin Port Company will continue to grow the cruise trade which is of great value to Dublin city and the country’s economy."

Mr. PJ Timmins, President, Dublin Chamber of Commerce said, "Dublin Port Company’s work in bringing these cruise ships to Dublin provides a welcome boost to retailers and other businesses in the city.  As these passengers venture into the city we need to welcome them and show them the true hospitality and spirit of the Irish people.  In this current climate we must pay close attention to emerging trends, like the growing cruise liner tourism, to harness the potential economic benefits they possess."

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Brenda Daly, Dublin Port Company: 01-8876846, 087-9153965

Aidan McLaughlin, Gibney Communications: 01-6610402/ 085-749 0484

Date Published: Wednesday 22. of April 2009

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