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Dublin Port Chief calls for intense focus on competiveness

Dublin Port Company CEO calls for real jobs to be valued

The CEO of Dublin Port Company, Enda Connellan, today called for an intense focus on competitiveness and for real jobs to be protected and nurtured in the current economic crisis. Companies like Dublin Port Company which are at the heart of the real economy should be valued in all policy decisions. The call came at an economic briefing hosted by the company for Irish retailers and business leaders which included contributions from world-renowned New Yorker columnist, and best-selling author of ‘Blink’ and ‘Tipping Point’, Malcolm Gladwell and Irish economist David McWilliams.

Speaking about how the Ireland Inc. can overcome the challenges facing our economy and the key role trade will play, economist David McWilliams said: “well run strategic assets such as Dublin Port will become the basis for the recovery of the Irish economy.”

Mr. Enda Connellan said Dublin Port has a huge commitment to Irish business and the employment it supports by running an efficient port that is the cleanest, greenest and most cost effective way of getting goods to and from Ireland’s largest market. “We are fighting in the new world order to compete and no action should be taken which would impede or hamper Dublin Port in this vital role or one that would add unnecessary cost to the goods we import or export.”

“We are all waking up to the value of real jobs in today’s economy.  In recent years I watched with interest as the focus on property diverted us all from the real trading economy.  A healthy economy is largely built on trade which creates sustainable wealth and jobs.  We have already lost thousands of jobs that were solely construction related. In the past decade we lost our competitiveness in the real labour market.  Now that the construction sector, which absorbed many trades, is on its knees, it is imperative that we promote and guard the real jobs that exist in sectors of industry such as ports and in manufacturing and services.”

“In the port estate, for example, there are approximately 4,000 real jobs.  These are real people, supporting real families, in the heart of Dublin city.  Dublin Port will continue to be a dynamic force, feeding Irish commerce as it has done for centuries, located perfectly, close to its main market.  Ireland and Dublin, and all the businesses in it, need to achieve maximum competitiveness.  As we in Dublin Port help get the goods to market in a cost effective, efficient, green manner we help drive competitiveness.  Our “hidden” role is often taken for granted but at the end of the day, efficient delivery of goods to market keeps prices down and keeps the wheels of commerce turning.  We are an efficient, profitable company making a significant contribution to Dublin business, Dublin citizens and Dublin employment.”

Michael Sheary, Chief Financial Officer of Dublin Port Company spoke on the role of the port in retailer’s everyday lives and the dependent and often unrecognized relationship which exists between Dublin retailers and Dublin Port Company. “Dublin Port now has 8 competing terminals. Our focus on our own cost base has ensured that our costs to RoRo and LoLo customers have not increased in 20 years. Dublin Port also directly delivers up to 1.5 million ferry and cruise liner passengers into the heart of the city spending millions with city retailers each year.”

Date Published: Wednesday 10. of December 2008

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