Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) Screening Determination

As the competent authority for preparation and adoption of the Dublin Port Masterplan 2012 to 2040, Dublin Port Company (DPC) have notified the consultation authorities for Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) in Ireland that they propose to undertake a review of the Dublin Port Masterplan. DPC is undertaking a review of the Masterplan 2012 to 2040 to ensure that it remains relevant and achieves its central objective of providing a clear vision for the development of the Port into the future.

Following SEA Screening with the consultation authorities between May – July 2017, DPC has made a determination under European Communities Directive 2001/42/EC on the assessment of the effects of certain plans and programmes on the environment, as incorporated into Irish law through S.I. No. 435/2004 and 436/2004 (as amended), that the Masterplan Review 2017 requires SEA as:

  • The infrastructure development options for Dublin Port included within the Masterplan Review 2017 will have the potential to result in a significant effect on the Environment. Carrying out a SEA will allow for the early consideration of environmental issues.
  • The Masterplan Review 2017 will form a framework for future projects and allocation of resources concerning the development of Dublin Port into the future.
  • The Masterplan Review 2017 will influence spatial plans at both regional and local level.
  • The Masterplan Review 2017 is likely to require an assessment under Article 6 of the EU Habitats Directive.

DPC’s SEA Screening Report detailing the determination that the competent authority will be undertaking a Strategic Environmental Assessment of the Dublin Port Masterplan Review 2017 has been sent to the consultation authorities and can be viewed here on the DPC website or on request at our head office: Dublin Port Company, Dublin Port Centre, Alexandra Road, Dublin 1


DPC SEA Screening Report